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American Craft Beer Week

While many cities celebrate at different times of the year and at different times their vary own “craft beer week,” the American craft beer week  is celebrated all across America  on the same week.  Think about it as a giant flash mob of craft beer lovers all sharing in the joy of what they love at any given time across […]

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IPA Day is Back!!

   Hash Tag #IPADay   I scream, you scream, we all scream for IPA?  Well it seems on August 1 st, 2013 that is for sure what we all will be doing.  After a successful inaugural celebration in 2011, and a great turn out again in 2012, IPA Day is here again, for all us hop heads.  IPA Day is […]

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10 best craft brew states in America

as reported by 10 Best editors, USA TODAY Everyone is passionate about their state when it comes to craft beer. Everyone thinks their state has the most breweries, makes the best beer, and has the best craft beer peeps around.  And while we totally agree with that philosophy, there definetly are the number people who just love stats.  Now the breakdown […]

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by / on January 20, 2013 at 7:27 PM / in Drunkin Ramblinz’s Hottest Topics of 2012

As reported by’s Craft Beer Muses 10. ‘€˜Tis the Season for Winter Craft Beers by Meghan Storey Seasonal releases from small and independent craft brewers were a hot topic throughout 2012, especially the winter versions. The flavors and smells indicative of the colder months—cinnamon, spruce, allspice, gingerbread and smoke—that find their way into these beers perfectly compliment heartier foods and get-togethers with […]

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It’s in the Dictionary!!!

  There are certain times in the life when you know you’ve made it to the big leagues, and while anyone who drinks craft beer regularly would tell you that craft beer has always been big time.  But it is now official.  Why?  Well craft beer has  made it’s way into, and been defined in, well you guessed it, (well o.k you really […]

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25 Drunkest Cites From Milwaukee to Seattle

As far back as I can remember magazines have been ranking states.  I mean playboy used to host the top 10 party schools every year.  And today they rank us by anything from fattest to fittest, lowest crime, to the best place to live.  So when I came across this list from The Daily Beast ( I couldn’t resists reading […]

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U.S. is the world’s largest beer market

  According to the Brewers Association, the U.S. is the world’s largest beer market and offers the greatest diversity – over 140 styles of beer and 13,000 beer brands. Stephen Hindy, president and co-founder  Brooklyn Brewery, reports that while overall beer consumption in the U.S. has decreased more than 5% in the past three years, craft beer has exploded with double-digit […]

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Vote Smart Drink Smart

It is in each of us to help change he political landscape of this great country and drink good beer.  Whether Democratic, Republican, Libertarian  Independent, or whatever, it is our duty to stay informed on the topics that can change our lives.  Many people have given up a lot to allow us the freedom to vote.  So it is our duty […]

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Sports on TV + Beer = Majik

Saturday, October 2, 2011 12:53pm Walked into liquor store, same guy who is always there (and looks exactly like Brandon Frasier’s characterr in Airheads) says he’s been meaning to try the Black Top that I brought to the table. I’m already feeling ahead of the trends! Also grabbed Potosi. Hopefully these will get me through the Brewer game, can restock for […]

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